Sep. 26th, 2008

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I'm currently packing up my life - aka all the stuff I own - into boxes to be put in the cellar for the next 6 months (besides the tons of stuff I'll be taking with me)
Honestly I thought two times 23 kilograms would be a lot to take with I'm not so sure anymore^^ well it's still more than you can take anywhere else....but it's 6 months!! I need a lot of stuff ;)

Oh and only two more nights in my own bed...I'm getting really sad, because I have to leave my apartment behind...I feel so at home here -.-

Oh and forgot to complain properly! Ever since I am a fan of Atlantis I wanted to meet Joe Flanigan. Really bad!!! But, I missed the peg1 (only started attending cons a year later), I couldn't possibly go to canada or the USA because of money issues and australia was also out of the question^^
And I thought - please let him come somewhere near by (and by that I mean europe!^^ I don't care if I have to fly to another country to see him, just preferably not another continent, cause I can't afford that!)
So wow, now he's been announced for the next chevron convention, isn't that just great?? Only wait - I won't be in eupore at that time. I'm actually gonna be in the fucking USA - and guess what, there's not gonna be a con in the US during that time where I could possibly meet him!
Right now I hate my life - I'll go cry now :((
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last night in my apartment. really weird.


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