May. 11th, 2008

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everything involving hardware or software changes always seems to go wrong or at least be a lot more complicated than I thought would be remotely possibly, if it is about my own computer.

so, my new laptop arrived!!! YAY!! The one I didn't tell you about, yet *g*
My dad decided, that me and my brother needed laptops for university. I especially need one for the time in Boston. So he thought he should gift us each with one for our upcoming birthdays.
Sure enough they arrived well over a month before our birthdays and we couldn't have possibly waited to use them, so we got them now :)

Today I took mine home with me and with the help of my brother (by now I'm smart enough not to even try alone, anymore, it never works^^) I wanted to get it up and connected to the internet. Via WLAN. I have to admit usually my dad used to do all the stuff about internet connection and LAN , etc. So I am offcially clueless about all of this.
But at my parents with my brothers laptop everything had been so easy, we decided to try, even though my dad just went on vacation for 2 weeks.
naturally we couldn't get a connection^^ The laptop actually found my network, but for some reason coudn't connect. while we were searching for the source or our problem, we tried various different setting for WLAN and my router in general. maaaaybe we shouldn't have done that.
Cause we thought, if it doesn't work we'll just switch the setting back to the original.
And without thinking about it, we chose another setting and whooops, no connection to the internet anymore. problem, lets just undo the last change we did and everything should be back to normal. haha...
except...damn, why can't we connect to the router anymore???
now I guess someone who knows more about PCs than I do would have had no problem with ipconfig and cmd.exe and finding everything they needed to get that router connection back online. I needed the fucking internet to tell me what to do!
I also guess if I had ever set up any kind of network before I would have known to simply pick an IP and that gateway and DNS server are simply the router IP and stuff like that, but as it was, I never in my life set up a network before and had to look it up^^
this meant driving home to my parents to use their internet to find my answers. and driving back^^

now I am proudly announcing I have internet connection again *g* and fuck, that was easy^^ If you even remotely know what you are doing.
(but if you even remotely knew what you were doing, you would never ever have disabled your router from ditributing IP adresses to your PC^^ especially, because it absolutely had nothing to do with my WLAN problem)

anyway...sadly I couldn't solve that one. Some forums seem to indicate the hardware I have sometimes has general problems with WLAN, other said it is a problem to have an old router....oh well^^

first of all I'm just so happy to be able to surf the internet again for answers, on the other hand I wouldn't mind waiting another two weeks to ask my dad for help, I just fear there's not much he can do.
second I still love my laptop, because it is big and new and shiny and wonderful and I always wanted to have one, but never had a reason to spend that much money *ggg*


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