Feb. 28th, 2008

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seems like I didn't write in ages.
guess I've just been to busy. I have to write presentations for university *vomits* a lot of them.
What I really really don't understand is, that I have to write an essay and a presentation in one of the most unimportant subjects we have AND there will be an exam in the end of this trimester. I mean...okay...if they make me do all this stuff and work so hard for this subject, why the hell an exam in the end? all the other subjects (most of them are gonna be waaaay more important for me as a doctor later) only have exams....(okay some of them bitch around and make you write stuff, too...but it's not as time consuming and it's not fucking graded!)
the difference in studying medicine from almost anything alse was always (next to a lot less free time) many many exams all the time, but at least not during your time off and no essays and stuff like that. great...-.-
this trimester is starting to make me get depressed. some parts have been interesting, but most of the time I'm bored to death. and there's just one month till exams...and I haven't learned a single thing so far that might help me with them at all.
I'm so not motivated!


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