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three weeks from now I'll be sitting on my flight to Boston.

it's just three freaking weeks left. And I still don't really believe it. I know there's still so much I need to do and take care of, but I can't seem to be rushed to do so, because deep down I don't think it'll be only three weeks. Hope that knowledge sinks in soon, because otherwise my last weeks will be horribly stressfull -.-

I really can't imagine leaving all of my life for so long. And although I'm sooo much looking forward to finally being there I'm also scared to hell that something will go wrong, or I won't find any friends there, or my project won't work, or I'll screw up in the lab...and so on..

I met the girl from university who'll be joining me there a few weeks ago. actually I don't like her all that much. I know that can change but my first impression was "arrogant bitch"! She also seemed to be very competetive, and oh - of course, she already knows boston and has lived there for a year and has friends there and knows her way araound and she'll be gracious enough to show me :( I want to find out on my own!!
I just hope I can stay out of her way most of the time -.-

On other news...my brother will move to Magdeburg next weekend :((( My little brother...and he'll leave us to go and study in another city. well...I've already seen his apartment, and omg I envy him...such a nice place and well renovated and he doesn't even pay much^^ well there's gotta be at least some advantages to Magdeburg ;))

in two weeks I'll have to move out of my apartment and move back in with my parents (or my mum, because my father is in Hannover the whole week and my brother obviously won't live there anymore then).

Also I'm planning on creating myself a blog - something I'm willing to show my family and all of my friends where I can put pictures and stories of Boston, so I don't have to send them all those pics and stories via mail^^ any suggestions??^^
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