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omg I'm almost on my way to my little brothers prom....
This is gonna be soo weird... after tonight he's finally finished school forever^^
And I'll probably meet a bunch of my old teachers.....yeah well
Also...why does it have to be so fucking rainy today???
I have to walk from my front door to the cab and from the cab to the location....and I really can't get my shoes wet, I can't get my dress wet and I can't get my face (meaning my make up) wet....

honestly I can't remember the last time I dressed up like this...I think I was even less dressed up at my own prom...and that was five years ago..
It was fun though^^ as long as I don't have to do it on a regular basis ;)

Sooo..... exams are on tuesday...I haven't really learned much...I rather spent my time at cons in england (soo much fun!!!!!) and playing WoW^^

These are in fact gonna be my last exams (if you don't count the elective, and you really can't) before final graduation....although that's still two years away.
And today I officially had the last seminar I'll ever have in a trimester (block) (again not counting the elective trimester and the practical year, because the first doesn't really have exams and the second is practical)

Honestly I'm starting to really look forward to actually graduating some time....and go to work.
5 years.....I feel like I wanna be done studying...

ehm...anyway, have to go now ;)


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