May. 17th, 2008

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that you play too much World of Warcraft^^

If you let alone the fact I've played every night in the last week (and almost every night the weeks before) and if you ignore the fact I spend a fucking lot of my time discussing nothing alse with my brother, than which instance we want to try next, and how many XP we're gonna need until we can finally go to hdz1, etc, etc, etc....
then my last clue should have been - I dream about it!
and not in the sense that I have an actual dream about I dream whatever I want to, but for the last few nights there's always been 5 characters health bars been at the upper left side of my screen (aka my field of view) and whatever the dream was about I had to stop and heal my teammembers all the time.
It's like my brain couldn't shut off and was still on healer mode, I mean I can't let my group die. I can't let my tank die!!^^

so...maybe I should cut back...but I don't want to. Right now it's so much fun. More than ever before. I have my brother to play with and some amazing other people, and we do all these instances together all the time and for the first time in my WoW life I'm actually looking forward to playing high lvl instead of thinking about my next possible twink.^^

huh, I guess no one understood this post^^ although I tried so hard to keep WoW language out of it..seems like it didn't really work.


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