Apr. 1st, 2008


Apr. 1st, 2008 02:22 pm
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so...oral exams are in *looks at watch* 1 hour and 5 minutes^^
I'm not even really nervous yet. Kinda weird.

I wrote exams yesterday....three were fine and three weren't^^ I left being absolutely sure I failed psychiatry and I might fail social medice and "gesundheitsökonomie" (too lazy to look up the translation^^)
we got some results already,....and hey I actually passed psychiatry. barely, but I passed, I won't have to do it again, yay!!! what do I care about the grade, I don't want to do it later anyway^^
and I got an A in social medicine...*laughs like crazy* I don't know how, because I just wrote crap....I didn't know anything for sure and made everything up....well apparently I was right somehow ;)
These were weird exams....in 4,5 years I didn't have to write one essay question and now they were full of them. Hey - we're studying medicine! we don't know how to answer in full sentences anymore ;P

now I'll go on waiting for the other results and leave for oral exam shortly....it's gonna suck, I already know..but well, I've gotta have to make the best of it.

and did I not bitch about my internet connection problems over the last few days???? well it might be, because I barely HAD internet connection and couldn't bitch about it ;)
I spend a lot of money talking to "alice", and they always told me stuff like, we have a big problem with hamburg right now and we're working on it.
well you know...I usually get very very cranky without internet.....very much so. especially when the oresentations I need to learn are only online and my exams are coming up.
I wanted to yell at the person on the phone...but he was so polite and it wasn't really his fault and well....I tried so hard to be polite myself...until he tols me it might help to pull the plug of my modem......aaaaaaaaargh!! what kind of idiot does he think I am?? Of course I tried everything I could do before calling them *grrr* and when I realized the problem wasn't anywhere here at my place but their I decided to call.
well since yesterday night it has been stable again-...i surely hope it will stay that way :))
because what am I supposed to spend my time with if I don't have to learn anymore? ;)

sooo off to stupid exams now^^


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