Mar. 24th, 2008

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I'm having a lot of trouble with learning these past days. Exams are just a week away...and I'm on schedule (okay a veeery late schedule that gives me about a day per subject), but I still feel like I know nothing....I read all the stuff I had to and I do remember...but apparently not enough.
I'm not so scared of the written exams...usually you have enough time to think...
but the oral ones - well. Before I read the thread in our forum I was slightly nervous and afraid this might be hard - now I'm scared and very sure they will be impossible to pass.
in one of them you get a text to read, telling you something about a patient...then the doctor will ask you what you feel when you sit in front of that patient. (excuse me?? I am not sitting in front of him...I've been reading a text!) when you tell him about your "feelings" he has the guts to tell you they are wrong! juts a tiny little question here? if they are MY feelings how can they possibly be wrong??
and this exam goes on like short - you have to exactly tell them what they want to hear. this is normal - but usually it's about the illness itself and not about your own reaction and feelings and emotions...and how you say things to you patients....this might all be very important, but everybody reacts in a different way and they are actually grading our feelings! and don't even have a real patient there.
frankly I just don't know what to learn to pass this.


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