Jan. 12th, 2008

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pro I'd have more time to actually write my dissertation after coming back
I'd have the time for some additional experiments if necessary
I could use my holidays this summer for preperation in the lab in Hamburg

contra I'd be in Boston for the dead of winter and leave in spring..so no summer^^
I'd have to celebrate Christmas alone
I'd miss the next Wolf-con
timing is critical..I can't leave too late because I'd have to be back for my next
trmiester in the beginning of April


pro It would be spring and summer in Boston
I'd be home at christmas with my family
I could go to the wolf-con
I'd have all the time to go a week later or come back a weeks later

contra I'd have very littel time to write, or have to do it while pj, which is bad
no more time for additional experiments

okay....looks like I pretty much made up my mind...the pros and cons speak for themselves..

this is the chance of my life. I'm not gonna make it more complicated by putting my personal longings first...
I'm gonna ask him for october. I'll have to fly very early..best would be in the very end of september so I could be sure to be back for the last trimester in time. But if that's okay with him, I'll take october.
this means no con, it means lonely christmas and boston will be cold - but this is not about me having a good time, this is about my career later...this is about spending all my time in research and I want this to be good dissertation so I will give everything into it that I have.


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