Jan. 1st, 2008

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I hope you all have/had a great time celebrating :)

I spend a nice comfy evening with my family and good food. And because my people like to go to bed early I just had to drive home.
I can tell you, I've never before driven in such dangerous surroundings. The smoke from a the fireworks made it almost impossible to see. And I mean that literally. I don't think it has ever been so bad as this year. I could see about two meters ahead and that was it. Other cars or traffic lights from about ten meters before I reached them. If somebody had walked in front of my car I would haven seen them the moment my car already hit them.
I had to inch my way home and honestly if I hadn't driven that way a thousand times already I truly would have been unable to find my way home.

It felt very unreal..like driving into nothingness. no car in front of you, nothing next to you...only two meters of the road ahead...nobody around...like I was the only person alive in this world..very weird.

and parking was a bitch, too. because driving backwards was totally out of the question, wasn't possible to even see a thing.

and all the time those sirens everywhere around you...I really don't want to know how many accidents we had just due to all this smoke.


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